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Dr.Kavita D .Tiwade

Gender Sensitization and Women Empowerment,

RESEARCH JOURNEY’ International E- Research Journal Impact Factor - (SJIF) – 6.261 Special Issue 132 : 'Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development          18 Feb 2018

A Perspective' UGC Approved Journal ISSN : 2348-7143




An Eco –Critical Reading of Philip Larkin’s poetry,


Research Journey

ISSN -2348-7143 Peer refereed and Indexed Journal





The Saga of the Animals of the Jungle in Jungle Book of Rudyard Kipling,


Vivek Research Journey

Peer Reviewed Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research Articles Vol




Sexual Harassment of a Women Violation of Human,


Vivek Research Journal                    8th March 2021

Peer Reviewed Journal




Dr. Shruti Joshi

A Journeying Soul: The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho

Kanpur Philosophers , International Journal of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences published biannually by New Archaeological and Genological Society, Kanpur India, Vol.VIII, Issue I (Summer)2021




Dr. Prabhavati Patil

Helen Dunmore’s Novels of Contemporary Settings: A Thematic Study

LAP, SIA Omni Scriptum Publishing Britain.

, 2018





Postwar Atmosphere of Soviet Suspicion and Treachery in Helen Dunmore’s  The Betrayal 

Vivek Research Journal

June 2018





Gendering Historical Narratives: Women and War in Helen Dunmore’s Zennor In Darkness Page No.  81-85



Volume-VII, Issue IV

Peer Reviewed Referred & UGC listed journal October- December 2018.



ISSN 2277-5730




“No Woman’s Land? Helen Dunmore’s Portrayal of War”

  Literary Insight Volume-10, Issue-1, Peer Reviewed Referred   & UGC listed journal   January 2019 

, ISSN 0975-6248




“The Epistolary Form in Alice Walker’s The Colour Purple

AJANTA Volume-VIII, Issue I Peer Reviewed Referred   & UGC listed journal. January 2019 

ISSN 2277-5730,




Translation in Higher Education

Aarhat Multidisciplinary International Education Research Journal Vol. VIII Special Issues II,

February 2019





“The Unsung Heroism of Madam Bhikhaji Cama” 

Shodh Sandarsh An International Multidisciplinary  Peer   Referred    Quarterly journal. March 2019

UGC Listed No-41329,




Portrayal Of Hijra (LGBTQAI) In Marathi Cinema

Vivek Research Journal Special Issue 8th March 2021

ISSN 2581-8848



Ms. Supriya Mohan Patil

Comparative Study of Parent-child Relationship in Anita Nair’s two Novels, Ladies Coupe and Lessons in Forgetting. Pp 24-30,

Research Chronicler, Vol. 7, Issue 2,(February 2019)

ISSN 2347-5021




Lucifer and Lucy: A psychoanalytical study of parent child relationship between David and Lucy in J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace

Vivek Research,

 June 2019






“Identity Flux: A Critical Study of Representation of a Transgender Character in Anita Nair’s Novel Cut Like Wound (2016)”

Vivek Research Journal Special Issue 8th March  2021

ISSN 2581-8848



Dr. Salama Isak Maner

Transformation Of Religious Belief To Rationality In R. J. Sawyer’s Far – Seer (1992),

Literary Insight, Vol.9, Issue  – 2, pp. 247 – 251     July 2018

Issn 0975-6248





 Hard Science Fiction : Theory and Praxis with Special Reference to R. J. Sawyer’s WWW Trilogy,

Literary Endeavour, Vol. IX, Issue 3, Pp – 311- 315          July, 2018

ISSN 0976-299X





Anthropological Speculations in R. J. Sawyer’s Quintaglio Ascension Trilogy,

Vivek Research, Vol. IX,  No. 1        June 2019






 Social Issues In R. J. Sawyer’s Science Fiction The Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy,

Literary Endeavour, Vol. X, Issue 4, Pp – 47 – 54,   July, 2019

ISSN 0976-299X





Kaleidoscopic View of Short Story The Bell,

The Criterion: An International Journal in English Vol. 12, Issue-I, PP 363 – 371    February 2021

ISSN: 0976-8165





 Queering The Gender Binary: A Depiction Of Bisexuality In R. J. Sawyer’s Humans (2003) ,

Vivek Research Journal Special Issue 8th MARCH 2021





Research Projects Accomplished


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Funding Agency


Period of Research Work


Dr. Kavita D. Tiwade

Aspect of religion in Larkin’s religious poetry a special to Christianity 

UGC ,New Delhi


Two Years


Dr. Prabhavati Patil

Cultural Influences On Semantic Lexicon In Translation With Special Reference To Kolhapuri Marathi






Ms. Supriya Patil

A Comparative Study of the Treatment of Socio-Political Concerns and Psychoanalytical Elements in Anita Nair’s Cut Like Wound and Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games”.

Stride Fellowship                   Program (A Short Term Project) in English



6 months


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