Department of English

Department of English



"Go not to the temple

to put flowers upon the feet of god.

First fill your own house

with the fragarance of love and kindness."

- Rabindranath Tagore

"A voice is a human gift.

It should be cherished and used

to utter fully human speech as much as possible.

Powerlessness and silence go together."

- Margaret Atwood

"Language is a process of free creation;

its laws and principles are fixed,

but the manner in which the laws of generation

are used is free and infinitely varied.

Even the interpretation and use of words

involves a process of free creation."

- Noam Chomsky


Departmental Profile

  1. Name of the Department  : English                     
  2. Date of Establishment      : 1964
  3. Head of the Department   Dr. Kavita Tiwade
  4. Faculty of the Department with Qualification -


Sr. No Profile Picture Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Kavita Tiwade M.A. Ph. D. HOD
2 Dr. Shruti Joshi M.A. M.Phil, SET, Ph. D. Assistant Professor
3 Ms. Supriya Patil M.A., M. Phil. D.B.M. SET Ph.D. (Appearing) Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Salama Maner M.A. B.Ed. NET, Ph. D. Assistant Professor
5 Ms. Madhuri Suraj Jadhav M.A. M. Phil., Ph. D. (Appearing) Assistant Professor






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