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Syllabus and Study Material


B. Sc-I
(Old June 2018)
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B. Sc-II
(Old June 2019)
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B. Sc-III Click here


B. Sc-I
(New Syllabus from 2021)
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B. Sc-II
(New Syllabus from 2022)
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(Draft Syllabus from 2023)
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Study Material

Class  Unit Names Class  Unit Names
B.Sc.I Sem-I Unit-1- Basic Electronic components   Unit-1-Number System, Binary Codes and Binary Arithmetic
B.Sc.I Sem-I Unit-2- DC Circuit Analysis   Unit-2-Logic Gates, Boolean algebra
B.Sc.I Sem-I Unit-3- PN Junction Diode   Unit-3-Logic Families           
B.Sc.I Sem-I Unit-4- DC Power Supply   Unit-4-Combinational circuits       
B.Sc.I Sem-II Unit-1-Bipolar Junction Transistor    
B.Sc.II Sem-III Unit -1 Microcomputer Organization B.Sc.II Sem-IV Unit-1_8051_Microcontroller
B.Sc.II Sem-III Unit-2 Architecture of 8085 Microprocessor   B.Sc.II Sem-IV  Unit-2_8051_Instruction Set
B.Sc.II Sem-III Unit-3-Instruction Set of 8085 Microprocessor B.Sc.II Sem-IV  UNIT 3 Timer-Serial-Interrupt programming with 8051
B.Sc.II Sem-III Unit-4-Programming with 8085 Microprocessor B.Sc.II Sem-IV  UNIT 4  Interfacing of Devices with 8051
B.Sc.III Sem-V Unit-1-Introduction to embedded C    
B.Sc.III Sem-V UNIT 2 Real World Interfacing of 8051    
B.Sc.III Sem-V UNIT 3 Serial communication in 8051    
B.Sc.III Sem-V Unit-4-Applications of 8051    


B.Sc. II (Electronics), Semester: III
Paper-III: DSC-1005C: Electronic Communication

Class        Unit Names    Youtube lecture link
B.Sc.II Sem-III Unit 1: Electronic communication

Block Diagram Of Electronics Communication

Types of Electronics Communication

Noise In Communication System

TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Eletromagnetic Spectrum

B.Sc.II Sem-III Unit 2: Analog Modulation-Demodulation

Need Of Modulation

Amplitude Modulation

Sidebands in Amplitude modulation

B.Sc.II Sem-III Unit 3: Analog Pulse Modulation:

Amplitude Modulation Practical Experiment

B.Sc.II Sem-III Unit 4: Digital Pulse Modulation

Practical Experiment of Time Division Multiplexing


 Question Bank for B.Sc-III

Sr.No  Titel of Paper                        

Paper- V(DSE 1005E1)

Section- I: Linear Integrated Circuits

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Course Code: DSE - 1005F1

Section - I: : Industrial process control and PLC programming

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